Concert-poem "Moonlight"

with a prologue, epilogue and through dramatic development

A unique format of immersion in classical music combining music, light, literature, dance and painting.

You will be fully involved in the action through the play of light and shadow, a variety of colors, the principle of continuous development, as well as musical instruments displayed in a certain way to create a surround sound effect.

In the concert you will hear some of the most famous classical works (Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, etc.) performed by the best artists of the Republic of Belarus! The literary narrative incorporated into the concert will create an atmosphere of continuous development. And the decoration with paintings will bring you closer to the artistic concept.

LIVE SOUND and a mesmerizing combination of music and light await you.

Concert-poem Moonlight



Larisa, 29 y.o.

A delightful concert that turns your soul and makes you think about the enduring values of human life. I especially liked the combination of Bunin’s delightful prose and amazing musical compositions!

Elena, 66 y.o.

Wonderful experience! Many emotions - both joyful and sad. It seems like my whole life flashed by during this time. What I liked most was the flute and organ. Now the sound of a stream, now the singing of birds, now the harbinger of a storm. And a talkative guitar. Thank you very much!

Maria, 52 y.o.

Everything is harmonious - the syllable, the verse, and the music of the movements. And immersion in the silence of the night.
10 points!!! Excellent idea, production and implementation!
Continue to combine, connect, develop and fill beautiful people!

Olga, 39 y.o.

Filled with bright emotions! Hit right in the heart!
An amazing selection of music and professionalism of the musicians!

Diana, 25 y.o.

Thank you very much for the evening!
The concert was simply wonderful! Very sincere, just “wow”!!!
Such emotions rose from the depths of my soul, I really didn’t expect this from myself...

No name, 82 y.o.

Lots of feelings and touching. The most wonderful impressions!
“Moonlight Sonata” is the height of virtuosity!
And a guitarist in a duet with a pianist is a miracle of performance!

Nikolay, 66 y.o.

First time at the Philharmonic! Delighted and fascinated!


Poetic, gentle, musical action!

Olga, 50 y.o.

Magical, peaceful atmosphere. Thank you!